Friday, July 16, 2010 is one awesome city

It feels like I am starting to enjoy my city to the fullest for the first time!
Until now, I was more of a night owl exploring the hottest night clubs, but this year I am acting a bit more my age (did I just say that) and actually venturing out during the day.

As many of you were aware there was a little thing going on called world cup...and Toronto had a pretty awesome street party to celebrate the 3rd place and finals games.

CBC Street Party

I made it to the party in time to see Alex Cuba perform and do a little salsa two step on the streets.

CBC Street Party

After this we headed down gallery and old appliances stores filled Queen West

Queen Street West

to find the Sneak Peek Exhibition at the Gladstone hotel showcasing the work of the KeyHole Session Artists

Sneak Peak Exhibiition

After we had enough of the sometimes tasteful sometimes not nudes we headed back on the search of food.
Found the very interesting and very full Unmarked restaurant that may also be called nude (that remains unknown at the moment)
The Unmarked restaurant

but decided to eat somewhere more in our price range. Summerlicous is on and there are awesome priced meals there but we were not in the mood for a 4 course meal.

For more pictures head over to my Flickr

This weekend is off to
Rib Fest
Midnight Volleyball
Brazil Fest
International Jazz festival at the Beaches
and perhaps Salsa on St. Clair

Monday, July 12, 2010

Adventures in food

There is something about breakfast food that leaves me... well speechless!!!

So here we go a wordless post about my recent English style breakfast ;)

I can eat breakfast food

I can eat breakfast food

I can eat breakfast food

I can eat breakfast food

I can eat breakfast food

Yes this is how much coffee I put in one cup of coffee....

And before you ask, these were 4 different meals for 4 different people.