Monday, April 30, 2007

Sale is still on...

Page 5 and Page 6 are now an extra 25% off. just write 'big25' in the comment to seller and wait for an updated Paypal invoice
This is a link the whole shop

Sale Pages
Link to Page 5

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Here is what you can find there:


Friday, April 27, 2007


'In a Dream: Our Love'
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Goodbye sweet little painting.
This little and old piece has finally found a new home and will fly to it this weekend.
As for me, I applied to a job today
Finished the edges on a few paintings, I have a habit of not doing that but since I am taking them the craft show they have to be done.
Started 2 more canvases for the other pieces to go with the 'Self Reflection'. I decided to list the painting on Etsy, worse case it will just sit there.
Packed a few promos to send to another etsy seller. I also realized that I need to pay for my PO box, yikes I completely forgot

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Step 3

step 3
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I am working on it...
My hands hurt and my brain hurts. Who knew painting is this painful!
Paul has been pushing me to keep going, I would have stopped at the face if it wasn't for him. I haven't done this much detail in a very long time. Smooth lines. small brushes.
It helps to see it as a picture, ha it helps to see the mistakes.
What do you think?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

'Self Reflection'

"Self Reflection"
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The new 12x12 inch painting I was talking about. I think this is the first piece to go in my 'portfolio' !!! I want to do 2 more similar images.
But sadly I don't have 12x12 inch canvas
Anyways, this is a look back to once upon a time (7 years ago) in high school when we had to do a self portrait stencil type thing. Mine was awful together with all of my self portrait work. I wanted to play with it again. This image has been burning to come out for a while and for once I am happy about a self portrait. Darker is better for me right now, I like that I can leave the 'happy go lucky' art.
I really need to create work that is a reflection of where I am right now in my life and how I feel.
Opinions. Comments. Suggestions are most welcome

New cards

Yey for new cards in The Shop
I love working with ink on these small projects. I need to look into buying some good ink pens. Anybody know of a good brand?

On the job front- no news and no news is NOT good news

I have almost completed a new 12x12 painting that I am excited to share with you soon
and I really should work on the big one but the face is very intimidating to do

Monday, April 23, 2007

Stage 2 ( I should have posted this yesterday)

Stage 2
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I had to start it. My hands were itching to paint. A lot is done but since it is day 4 of my migraine I can't keep going. The pain is coming and going in waves it is really really hard to concentrate.
The skin tones I painted are too yellow, but I haven't mixed skin tones in years so I am going to experiment for a while. Also I can't decide on the background and floor. Ideas?
I hope to get to it tomorrow and start working out the details. I am scared of the details, so wish me luck.
How is it so far? Ideas comments...

Full size painting... ( I should have posted this yesterday)

self image painting 1
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Lets go on a ride together. Aren't you lucky to join me on this journey? I started the first painting in the self image series. 20x28 inches, first full size painting in close to 5 years.
So much for not painting faces. Ignore the major pencil smudges around the face, my eraser decided today was the day to fight me. I plan to document this struggle as I step away from my safety zone and challenge myself. This is a very rough sketch and I hardly follow it I just needed to get the basics down.
Wish me luck, comments suggestions etc are welcome

Sunday, April 22, 2007

hmmm today in lala land...

After trying to take pictures to continue with the Self Image series I discovered the great need to get into shape. (ps yes this defeats the purpose of the series, since it is about being true to my image, but I want to be a better image). Eight months of sitting around studying definetly hurt a body. I went for a run outside yesterday. I have waited five years to be next to a park and finally I have a park and a lake. I ran ¾ of the way around and am really proud of myself, also there were 250 situps trown in the mix.
We also walked to Paul’s parents’ house and back which added another 2miles maybe.
Today I am really really sore but happy sore. Instead of running I am still going to go around the lake but walk. I really hope to make it a daily run.

My beloved printer, my gift for starting University five years ago to myself, has decided to go crazy. It no longer registers that there is paper in it and I have to push the paper in for it to grab it, this of course happened out of the blue. This means that it no longer prints aligned pages but lop sided ones depending on how the paper is grabed, apart from almost running out of colour ink, I couldn’t print my business cards properly. So now I have spent $40 to get 250 cards from Vista I am not sure if they will get here in time for my May 12 show, because I picked the cheapest delivery in 21 days. Hopefully the printer will get out of its funny mood and I won’t have to get a new one. Please please printer get well soon.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

ACEO collab

Believe it or not I actually managed to finish a project early. This cards is for the ACEO project either for the VAST street team or the ACEO street team. I can't remember they are mixing themselves up in my head.

in my world....

I woke up today with a giant headache. I don't know if the 3 large glasses of wine did it or just it's migraine love.
Paul bought wine yesterday to celebrate my graduation. He also made really really good pasta, just olive oil, spices, bacon, tomato. Yummy Yummy. Paul has become the cook in our little family.

Today is Day 2 of my job- ie looking for a job, and it seams like all there are no new postings. ;) There is always tomorrow
For now I am eating ice cream because it helps my head and thinking up ideas for my Shop.
On Saturday we are going to Paul's parents for a belated Easter and we will have turkey!!! as per my request. Paul's mom makes the bestest turkey!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

end of on chapter...

Today I am writing here as an University Grad. I finished my last exam and now I am free. For the first time I have nothing planed. Happy or not, it's time for art!
I finished this series of ACEOs while I was studying over the weekend. They are almost all in the shop

Ink Tree v1
Ink Tree v2
Ink Tree v3

Friday, April 13, 2007

I really need to raise money in order to finance a mean emergency that happend the other day.
I am having a 25% off sale from page 5 and page 6 in my shop. There you will find : prints, original pieces, mirrors, buttons, magnets and more. Prices have not yet been reduced, please wait for an updated invoice after purchase. The sale is on from today April 13 to Monday April 16
Thank you
Here is an example
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Links to sale pages
page 5
Page 6

Monday, April 09, 2007

I finished this the other day and today I really finished it.
I love doing cutsom work and I really need more to come my way.

This week I am studying for exams. I am glad that I only have one more chapter to read in my HR textbook. The chapters are way too long, I am talking 60 pages.
Then Personal Finance and Small business finance. At 9pm next Tuesday my university career will be over ;)
For the 1st time in my life I won't have something to do. Wow.

I also Added these wonderful flowers to my shop. Perfect for your scrapbooking,aceo, atc mixed media projects. I love them.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I am in are really destashing mood and my giant pile of papers has to be cleaned out. A brand new paper pack is in the shop

Paper pack

Sunday, April 01, 2007

To celebrate my last week at university I am having a little promotion
April 1 to April 8 - Free shipping to Canada and US on orders of $15 or more!!!
Just write 'April' in your comment to seller and wait for an updated PayPal invoice