Sunday, November 07, 2010

Creative Process...

I found that my crazy schedule leaves very little time for me to be creative. I lack the focus when it comes to actually work on my art, even though I am always craving to do so.
I found a mini temporary solution to this: Join Swap-bot swaps for either note cards or ATCs. This gives me a serious time line I need to meet and having a deadline helps me focus. Also, it allows me to stretch my brain a little to come up with an idea to satisfy a theme. I have been joining swaps with random themes in order to be able to come up with ideas that I wouldn't of otherwise.

I love looking at other artists work and process of coming up with a final finished piece, and I decided to share with you my creative process.

The theme for the ATC is Love. The word Love has to be somewhere on the ATC.

First I start out with sketching out ideas, not necessarily related to what I will end up putting together. In this case, I was just browsing and using different images to sketch out ideas of things...

Creative Process

After I have my sketch and idea, I decided that I want to create a cut paper illustration of the bunny idea.
Therefore, I had to choose the papers I will use in the piece. I am the least organized person when it comes to my supplies, and thus I usually have no idea what I have and work from the latest I have purchased. One day I will be organized, one day...

Creative Process

And now time for lots of cutting and gluing takes place. Of course I am super messy and sticky when I use glue.

Creative Process

And here we have an almost finished ATC... I let it sit for a bit until I figured out how to finish it

Creative Process

Can you spot where the word Love is?

And finally the back receives a label and my contact information, next stop the post office!

Creative Process

Creating these ATCs to trade also allows me to come up with an idea for an ACEO to add to my shop