Saturday, May 30, 2009

A good day...

I worked really hard today and my poor fingers really hurt from wire wrapping and opening / closing jump rings.

I promised myself to do my best to update the Shop! almost daily with new items this summer.

And this is what you should expect in the next week:

"Joy"earrings in red and white
New "Joy" earrings in Red and White

Dew drops

Brand new 'Dew Drops' earrings

Sugar cube earrings

"Sugar Cubes" - these are just listed !!!! Click Click Click for them


"Simply Yours" the set

"Simply Yours" set. It will be sold separately!!!

And now I need to work on some new art work to mix in between the jewelry!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Giving can be better than receiving...

Lately I have been trying to give a little to do the world. I don't have money for donations and hardly time, but it is worth the effort and right now my time is easier to go without. One day I will love to be able to write the big anonymous cheques but until that day I will give you my time.

For the past month I have been volunteering every Tuesday as a Big Sister to a 10 year old boy. Together we join other coworkers of mine and their 'littles' for a fun 2-3 hour activity. We went hiking in the rain this Tuesday, glow in the dark mini putting, visited a boring museum... overall a little fun.

I don't have a lot of (well any) experience with kids and this experience has taught me to never try to take care of 20 boys at the same time.

But at the end of the day to see their smiles warms the heart and makes me feel that I have done something to make someone else happy.

Also in the theme of giving back, one of my coworkers is planning to Walk for Boobies

in order to help find a cure for breast cancer. She needs to raise $2,000 in order to participate. Since I am not financially able to write the cheque I want to and fully respect her cause, I am doing the next best thing I can...
Meet the Walking for Boobies Necklace
Walking for Boobies Pendant

It's hand painted wire wrapped sea glass and the entire purchase price will be donated to Liz and her walk. I can make a few of these so please don't be shy in ordering more than one ;)
Feel free to share this or even send a direct donation to Lis through her site ;) Every single dollar will bring her closer to her goal and everyone closer to a cure!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anything but...

I should have tests more often because while "studying" I manage to get a lot of different things done

Frame the print my Dad purchased a few months ago...

Framed "Forest Dreamland"

Update the Shop! with new "Fresh" earrings to replace the ones that sold last week. They are not identical to the original and I had to make a fresh "Fresh" pair ;)

"Fresh Earrings" v2

And also get this beautiful Sea glass pendent ready to list

"Remember" - sea glass necklace

See very productive, just not doing what I should be doing...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mathers' day to all the Mamas

Today I really miss my mom and wish she wasn't across the ocean so that I can spend the day with her. Yes I am first to admit that I am a little jealous of everyone spending the day with their mamas. On the other hand I realize how much I took her for granted when she was within easy reach.

SO happy Mama day!!!

I love you!!!

On the other hand I am supposed to be studying for my big CMA case exam that is coming up on Thursday and well this doesn't look like accounting does it...

bead work

Monday, May 04, 2009


Really if you would like a quick and up to date account on what I am up to visit my little Twitter page ;)

I have been incredibly busy with everything else including dreaming of working on art work but actually creating.
I recently managed to get out the ink and turn out a new Lino and woodblock print

"Dreaming in green"

"Dreaming in Green"

Now I have a big Case exam on May 14th, and instead of studying I have been sitting around and simply shooting myself in the foot, since this is a career defining exam.
Good job me, now I wish I can find some motivation & concentration.
I hope to get out of work by 4pm tomorrow, and spend 2 hours studying at a coffee shop prior to picking up my Little Brother for our weekly 2 hour activity. I think I forgot to mention, that I am volunteering as a Big Sister & it has been challenging.