Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vanilla action shot

Vanilla lip balm action shot
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I bought a whole tub of Vanilla ice cream for this shot. Oh well now I must eat the ice cream. The only lip balm without an 'action' shot is my Mint lip balm. Any ideas for an action shot for it?

I worked a 10 hour day today and I am too tired to think. I hope that if there are not any projects due on Friday I will be able to leave early. But I don't think it will happen. I still don't know if I get Monday off since it is a Holiday or I will have to wait until next Friday. My supervisor did not give me a straight answer.
Please please buy enough lip balm so that I don't have to be a corporate slave.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

In my world...

Raspberry lip balm action shot
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1. I am happy to say that at the end of July I will be participating in my first group show. It is called Square Foot and it will be at AWOL gallery in Toronto. I can't wait. I will have 3 paintings up, the guideline is 12x12 inches.
I will have Self Reflection one and Self Reflection 2 as well as brand new abstract painting not yet done. yey

2. All lip balm flavours are now listed : Mint, Raspberry, Strawberry, Chocolate Chip, Banada, Cherry and Vanilla. They are all in my Lip balm section

3. Tonight I am going to a big street party with my sister and I can't wait. Tomorrow my friend is coming down and we are shopping and hanging out by the pool. I can't wait.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Banana mmmmmm

Banana lip balm
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New and exciting Banana Lip Balm in the shop today!!!!!! I also have Mint and Cherry but no 'action' shots for them yet. You can choose them as flavours in my Two and three pack.
I have cute labels ready for them. I had to print them at Paul's parents' due to my unfortunate printer death. I almost have enough money in my PayPal for it, a few more sales to go. I am excited because I will be able to do printed note cards and more.

On a personal note. Paul and I now have matching credit cards and cheques with both of our names on them. How grown up ;)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Printer Death

My printer has officially died. I wanted to try and print something today, until now it was semi working I had to manually feed the paper and than it would catch it. Now it prints with no paper inside and has a paper jam. No paper in it at all. It doesn't feed the paper at all.

Ok so I need to buy a new printer for my business.

Epson has been suggested and I was looking at this one Printer
The cartriges seam to be cheaper than for the one I have, there is a brand new black cartridge in it right now. grrrrr.

Any body have any suggestions?
I would like to print high quality fade resistant colour prints

In a Dream of Friday afternoon

SPT - June 14th 2007
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I wish everyday was Friday afternoon, with the endless wonder of the weekend ahead. With beautiful sunshine, a cold drink and a refresing pool just around the corner.
This photo is my first contribution the Self Portrait Thursday trend ;)

Here I dream of the soon to be Friday afternoon, that has now come and gone.
I miss the freedom I used to have. Yet with my first Pay cheque in my account, life is that much better. It isn't going to last long since I am paying bills but it does feel good to use new money that is my own. Until now I was using savings from almost a year ago and using my line of credit. That is why the money is new, just earned.

I am really behind getting back to people and replying to comments. I can't even keep up with Facebook.
I am building ideas for my little Shop that I have to put into action.
Next week there will be 3 new flavours of lip balm coming: Mint, Banana Cream and Cherry
Yummy Yummy

and I want to get a few photos I took printed in order to create some photo note cards. Ohhh and I want to paint, but there is no time and even less energy.

ps I am participating in the SNS sale today, check out my Shop for Sale info ;)

Monday, June 11, 2007

200 hearts and growing

200 Hearts
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My little shop is moving right along. Today I reached and now have passed 200 hearts on Etsy
It took me 1/4 of the time to get the second 100 hearts.
I also managed to get out of work by 4:15 pm and somehow not hit any traffic to reach home in about 25minutes! Paul is away tonight celebrating a friend's birthday so I am alone. No worries I had some wine and cherry pie with freshly made whipped cream ;)

I have also worked on my little site www.ivafineart.com
I really would like to have my blog update my Home page, but sadly I can't fine any information on how to do that. There has to be a way to have it like the Etsy Mini is showing up. Ideas anyone?

Sunday, June 10, 2007


You have to realize that I do not know anything about website hosting etc.
Paul decided to create a website for his business and my task was to register his domain name and to find hosting. I send out e-mails and convos to online friends to find out which sites they used and how they liked it. After comparing them I settled on Powerweb , because it seamed to be the cheapest with the most space.
Today I registered it and paid. Ok this was the easy part, now what. After fooling around for the longest time I finally figured out how to upload it with the help of the service desk. I managed to delete one of the root directories in the process and they fixed it.
I uploaded the many pages that Paul has created grrr, but the images where not showing. I uploaded the images. After looking and looking the HTML I figured out that he had created files and subfiles for himself to be organized but those did not actually get uploaded just the individual files. So now I am going through HTML line by line and fixing the image links.
Check it out Match Point Designs I am still working on some of the pages.

Now my goal is to figure out a way to register MY art site and have it hosted in the same account as his website, I don't know if that is possible at all, but if anybody knows please let me know.Perhaps have it so that if someone types in my domain it goes to a different site.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Degree and life

The Degree
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Yes I finally have it my hands! Isn't it beautiful? This is what 4 years, well 5 because I did the internship for a year, amounts to. A $40,000 piece of paper in a $200 frame. I wanted to get this frame for a long time for the Degree. I had a feeling that I had seen it for $40, then $80 and now $160, but the lady said that prices will be going up and they have not changed since 2 years ago. I love it and Paul 'bought' it for me, but really both of both it since we are joint financially now. The ceremony was on Monday and jump over to my Flickr for more photos (click under the photo).
I just finished my first 2 weeks at work and survived. The half hour drive is ok in the mornings but bad in the afternoon because there is a ton of traffic. Yesterday there were Tornado warnings while I was stuck on the highway. A little bit scary. When a large amount of dust is picked up and everything goes black with no feeling of wind, you kind of wonder where you are.
This is the first time that I had bad weather while driving and it was ok. I don’t know about the winter time, my poor Echo might not be able to keep me safe in bad snow. We might look at getting a new car, hmmm Mazda 3 GT ;p But we shall see how the finances are. So far I have to wait until next Friday to get paid and I have no money and no access to any until then.
I haven't had much time for My Etsy shop it has been doing ok on it's own but I would like to take the weekend a work on a few new things for it, that is if I find energy and inspiration.
Now that I am a bit more used to my schedule I hope to get back into the blog, art and life groove again.