Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The last silver star card set
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I found these cards under a pile of paper. I think they were made for something but I ended up not needing them and now they are in the shop

I am reaching the upper limit to my flick account and I am trying to clean it up so that I can add more pics. Too bad I am too poor to purchase the a Pro account. Maybe I will get a surprise for my birthday, who knows. For now I will be trying to get rid of any pics that are duplicated.

yeye for a day I plan to spend painting...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I am trying to utilize my day at home. Since Etsy is my only job, I am trying to be a good productive employee. Yes I am avaiding school work, but don't tell my boss ;)

I decided to give Ebay another try and listed this card. I used Auctiva to create the listing. The only problem I faced was that I couldn't make ship from Canada and had to edit in my Ebay account. Also I kept forgetting to put in a gallery picture and well it took me forever to make it so that I can see it.
Please click on the image to visit the auction

Also in Ivaart / Etsy news I put together this little package

3 heart shaped marble magnets made with really cute papers, even one that looks like red leather and 2 love notes. Please click on the image to visit the shop.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

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Look who is finally finished!
Meet Milkey, my sister's roommate's cat.
His portrait is acrylic on canvas board measuring 8x10inches.
This so far is a productive weekend, I managed to finish most of my art projects but not my school work ;(
We bought a new dresser yesterday with our Xmass money from Paul's parents. It's nice and black, a bit too tall for my to have a mirror that would allow me full lenght visions of myself, but now our clothes will be put away.
My next mission will be to find something to store my art supplies, mainly papers. I have to be able to see them too, so that I don't forget I have them and buy the same thing again.
In an hour we are off to Sunday dinner with Paul's family.
The first two are available for trade
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and this one is already traded with an amazing artist I came accross on flickr: Carambatack
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hey everyone a quick update from
I am holding a special 15% off sale on my note cards. Please wait for an updated PayPal invoice after purchase.
click on the image to visit the Stationery section
You can even mix and match sets to create your own set of 3 cards. Just contact me prior to purchase.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Little Amy"
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Amy has put a new bug in me. Taking continuing education courses at George Brown in Toronto. I am just looking over the courses and I would love to take them. The Fashion and Arts courses really interest me. I used to want to be a Fashion designer once upon a time and learning some basics would be great. My night courses will be a fun alternative to my Financial Services career.

This is a portrait of 'Little Amy', I painted this last fall of 2005 after 3 years of no painting at all. Now it hangs in her parents' room and that makes me really happy.

Saturday, January 06, 2007">New red plates
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I am ready to put the Done check mark beside a few things.
I finished my commission and it's ready to be mailed tomorrow. I also finished my 9 items for the Etsy Valentine's Swap. I did little heart vine drawings for it.
Those two items will be in the mail tomorrow. I wanted to mail out my contribution to the sampler as well, but after getting about 20 items ready I decided that only a week worth of mail in time is not enough for it to get there, so I will send it in for March.
In the pick to the side you can view my new lovely red RED plates. I love them so much!

Friday, January 05, 2007

I was busy today.
I decided that my one class today was not worth the drive and I skipped it.
Instead I started work on a few not school projects that have to be done as soon as possible, before the school crunch starts.
My day started with finding out that my Norton Antivirus is acting stupid and prompting me to uninstall it. Thankfully when I renewed I spent the extra few dollars for the option of being able to download it more than once. Anyway I spent good two hours trying to talk to the support people, who kept sending me incomplete links and so on. Good news is that now it works just fine. Cross my fingers.
I have to finish Milkey's pet portrait by the end of this weekend.
Yesterday I received a request for a custom word illustration like the ones I have in the Shop . I finished the preliminary work and you can see my progress here , it's for an Etsy artist
I also signed up for an Etsy Valentine's day swap and I have to create 9 items for it. I will add it to my weekend to do list, since they have to arrive to the Swap organizer by Jan 25th.
My proudest accomplishment is the creating of a light box. I still have to figure out light sources and etc but I hope to get some new pics in the shop, now say it with me... this weekend ;)
After saying that we are on a diet yesterday, our dinner just made us hungrier.
Today we had chicken breast, salad and a little bit of whole wheat pasta with tiny bit of olive oil and Greek seasoning. Lets see if that will keep us from eating our fingers. To be honest all I want is a nice chocolaty desert with my coffee.