Monday, July 30, 2007

Red Hot Burn

This weekend resulted in a bright red sun burn in the form of a tank top on my back and shoulders and very sore legs.
I was determined to increase my swimming stamina on Saturday and really pushed my legs to do better each time. Unfortunately I was holding onto a floater, thus my back was arched in a bad way leaving it sore. Sunday we played tennis for almost two hours, hence the tank top burn. And after that I jumped in the pool to practice. This time I was swimming very slow laps without the floater thingy.
Today I am really sore, whole body sore really. I hope that my back is sore because I worked the muscles not because I hurt it.
Tomorrow we are going to Paul's parents' house again and I plan on working a few more laps. Hopefully on Wednesday my friend will come over and have a nice night. Thursday and Friday I hope to get more tennis in.
I have to be more active outside in the summer.

ps I really don't want to move and all of the houses I am finding are awful ;( And I have to give notice on Wednesday

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

in this week's news...

I am here but with no interest to put my thoughts to paper.
Last week was a good week at work. I was actually able to figure out things properly!
This week is another uphill battle, but better.
Paul left for my parents' house last night. Everyone is there actually, just me here alone. Someone has to pay the bills, right?
My friend was supposed to visit today but she is sick. So I am lonely and tired and sleepy.
For dinner I went to the expensive food store and got nice bread, olives, yummy cheese and ham. Ohh and a fruit cup and a raspberry basket ( I just discovered that raspberries bring me back to being with my grandparents in the mountains. I do miss them so much. ). ohh and Rice pudding! hheeeeeee I haven't reached for the rice pudding yet since I also added a steak to the above list.
My sandwich for tomorrow will be so yummy made with fresh ham and nice bread! I am almost excited about going to work tomorrow so that I can have my lunch. Almost.
Now what should I do to amuse myself?

Monday, July 16, 2007

ATCs and Pain

Envelope Series ATCs
Originally uploaded by iva_o.
I was trying to avoid the computer after work today, well not effectively. I found the envelope cut outs for these ATCs and a few more and decided to finish them. I love them, particularly the little birdie eyeing the spider ;)
I can't edit the pics because my Photoshop refuses to open. It starts to load and then it just closes.

I couldn't sleep last night at all. I didn't fall asleep until 3 am, after going to bed at 10:30pm. I got up for work at 6am. Today was my first day back from after a week of pain and little memory. I am still taking Advil for pain, but I am a lot better. Around 4pm I got hit with this incredible amount of energy out of no where.
Now I think I have rebound pain medication migraine, because nothing is helping me and I have been on meds for a week. I know this happens with my migraine meds, I can't take them for more than 3 days in a row. This pain is incredible, I am trying to distract myself with TV and the computer, which are actually the worse things I can do. I am contemplating taking one of those sleeping meds the doc gave me. I just want a good night sleep.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Working from home...

Working from home
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As I told you yesterday, I was working from home today. This was and still is my set up. My silver computer keeping an eye on my online life and the black computer doing super secret profitablity analysis. ;)
It seams like Paul cought some nasty bug while we were in the Emergency and now somehow ( I really don't know how) he managed to pass it to me. Now I have to pains for the price of one, neck and cold. My neck is a lot better and now I am only taking the advil and not other drugs.
I have this need to go out for a run or something but I shouldn't be moving much for the next little while.
I really have to finish (start and finish) my painting for the Square Foot show, I have to drop off the paintings next weekend. I also have to remember that I have to drop them off.
I am also about to reach 100 sales on Etsy!!! and customers 95-101 are getting pretty cool little gift packages ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Now in the shop..

I am really happy to introduce this new card set. Each card features a professionaly printed photograph taken by me.


"Summer Views"

Also remember that my shop is 15% off until July 12th. Read my shop announcement for more details

ps This is my second sick day ;( I woke yesterday morning with my head unable to move and neck spasms sending stabbing pain into my head. So far the pain killers are not working ;(

Sunday, July 08, 2007


I was unsure if anybody actually read this blog. I know with LJ you can have friends and join communities but not here. Recently I started using Google Analytics to track traffic on my new site and also decided to use it for this blog. And WOW. Hi. There are a quite a few of you readers out there, all over the world actually! Hi again. Thank you for reading and coming back. Thank you for readers who leave comments too. I love comments.

New cards and cake!

Original Photography Cards
Originally uploaded by iva_o.
I am really excited about these new cards. I have been dreaming of them for a few months now. I couldn't decide on how to attach the images to the cards without just gluing them on. And then an idea was born! Why waste beautiful prints on just the cards? The images are attached with really cute photo corners, this way you can peel off the corners gently and have the print to frame. Either for your own enjoyment or the receiver of your lovely note will have 2 gifts in 1. They are coming soon to the shop, as soon as I have a little photo session with them. Yey.
I think I am going to have in a set of 3, one of each design. The cards are also bigger than my usual size they are 5x7 inches.

Paul and I had a big movie weekend. We saw Transformers on Friday night. Wow, I loved it. I didn't know what to expect apart from what Paul has been telling me for months. It was great and funny. It takes a lot for me to think a movie is funny, thus this was wonderful. Paul also has a few Generation 1 Transformers coming from e-bay. So far we have AstroTrain and Megatron. I am not allowed to touch them.
Also we saw the new Die Hard last night. Loved it too. Kill a helicopter with a car and a jet with a truck wow. Great action!
Tonight we are off to birthday dinner at Paul's parents' house. Mmmm Cake!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Vast off the wall sale

I am participating in the VAST off the Wall Sale,
Everything in my shop is 15% off, just follow the instructions in my shop announcement

Click Here ! for other stores participating. Sale is until Thurs July 12

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Seasons

Season Series trees
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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week. Our Canadian holiday was this weekend. It was WONDERFUL to have 3 days off. We went to my parents' house where I read and slept. Loved it.

When I got home unfortunately half my shop had expired. I had the initial happy reaction that it old sold, but no ;(
Now I am relisting a few things, but I will take my time and introduce a few new ideas. I am saving to buy new supplies for a really cool idea I have been meaning to implement.

I was surprised to see that this Seasons Series had expired. I love them. After many treasuries and compliments they expired but now they are back in my shop. I am offering Free shipping on them because I would love to see them go to a good home. Hopefully all together.

It is almost Friday afternoon and I can't wait. I hope to finish my last painting for the August show. I haven't touched a paint brush in over a month, no energy and no inspiration.

Monday, July 02, 2007


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I love love giving gifts. Sometimes more than getting them myself. We are still on a very strict budget, and will be for a long while, thus the gifts we give are small but ment to show our love.
My mom's birthday was last week and we went to visit her this weekend. I bought her a beautiful frame and printed out our first family portrait in 5 years. It was from my sister's and my graduation last month. I had a mug made for her with the portrait. She loved the photo and then took out the mug. She said 'Oh a mug!' looking at the blank side. She was not too impressed until she saw the other side and refused to use it. I made her use it for her coffee the next day. ;)
Paul's dad is turning 57 next weekend. I overheard him talking about this gnome and Paul's mom did want him to buy it. He was very excited about him. Thus I bought it for him, risking a few dirty looks from Paul's mom ;)
Happy short week to all of us Canadians ;)