Friday, August 31, 2007

me, a jewelry designer?

Silver and yummy deep redish purple
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mmmm my favorite colour combo!
I have been playing in the Shop! all week. I have new magnets and a new "Just for You"linoleum print to show.
And of course these lovely earrings, I made a pair for myself and just had to make another and share! They are 2.5 inches long and silver plated.
I am very happy to say that my adventure into eBay land was a success. My ACEO was bid on last minute and my 'Self Image'print has a bid as well!
I think I will add a few more items to eBay soon, but 1st I will wait for one of those fee promotions.
I am packing to go camping up in Algonquin park this weekend. THis is our first get away this whole summer.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I have a bid!!!!!!!!!!!


I actually have a bid!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I knew what happens when someone wins the action.

Ink Tree ACEO card
of my Self Image Sketch

Sunday, August 26, 2007

a little auction!

trees in ink ACEOs
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I am giving good old eBay another try. I have two items up for auction this week. One is the middle Ink Tree ACEO card in this series and a print of my Self Image Sketch

So far the ACEO has one watcher! yey!
Please take a look and perhaps see something you want ;)

Monday, August 20, 2007

hehehee a life update!

"Changes" WIP cont
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I actually managed to do some art work this weekend, not much but just a little.
1. Paul brought a new version of Photoshop and tried to install it on my computer while I was away. Well it was a downloaded version and it installed some kind of monster while photoshop did not work still.
I was very very mad since I do not download anything on my computer and am very careful as to what I click on. Needless to say I reconfigured my hard drive, it only took me 5 hours to get back to where I was. But photoshop now works! I still have to go to the back up disks I created to get some of my missing files. On the other hand I have a completely backed up computer.
2. I am refusing to upgrade MSN, and will use the prehistoric version the computer comes with. It was by trying to open MSN that I downloaded something on my computer a while back that started my photoshop problems. It was caught and killed by my Anti spyware program but still it messed up a few things. So everyone sorry no fancy shmancy msn applications from me.
3. I am really sad that this weekend was too cold for words. I refused to go in the pool even though it was warmer than outside. I am wearing long sleeve and sweat pants right now, not short and a Tee. Grr I don’t want the summer to end.
4. I am drinking a Gin and Tonic. There must be something addictive in the Tonic water because I really crave this drink. I don't buy alcohol for home, sometimes beer and wine, and I bought a small bottle of gin. Interesting.
5. Over the weekend I joined Indiepublic, which looks like a great site with lots of Etsy friends. Add me as a friend if you wish.
6. My favorite ACEOs expired on Etsy and I am thinking of giving Ebay another try. I also bought my first eBay item this weekend, special bags for cards that ended up being as much as if I bought them in the store, even if they cost .99 cents. Grrr
7. I am not sure where I am going with this list.
8. We played tennis on Saturday and went for a long hike on Sunday. I am loving outside activities this summer. Summer please don't go.
9. Pizza is beeping in the oven so I must go and eat it

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Changes" Work in Progress

"Changes" WIP
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This is a new painting in the works. First time I really picked up a paint brush since I started work.
Originally this was a painting in my layered round abstract style but after I finished the painting, it felt very childish. I discovered that I am done with that style and now I have evolved to something different. About a month later I painted this over it, I am about to add a few papers to it and play some more.
Don't you think that "Changes" is a good name for a painting linking my past with my current?

ps My registration for the Certified Management Accounting Program was approved. Also at the end, 7 months from now, my company might be paying for the course. Sadly $2,500 just came out of my credit card and credit line. So much for being credit card debt free. Investment in my future right? right

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The art show....

The art show
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What a great day! Friday after a long day at work I managed to leave early. Soon after I got home we had to leave to get to Downtown in order to see the art show at AWOL Gallery
When we finally arrived there after battling traffic, we managed to find Free parking near the one and only The Paper Place!
Paul was not too happy to spend a long and I mean long time in there with me, considering it was already 7pm and we were hungry. I came out with a fat $20 scrap pack of papers.
We walked for a while to go to Prague Emporium where we were hoping to get dinner. Unfortunately when we got there they had just closed. We walked back, Paul huffing and puffing for not getting his Czech dinner.
We found the gallery and there was a huge and I mean Huge line up outside. This is a show of 1100 art pieces and over 500 artists, probably all there. Click on the link under the image to see more photos.
In hopes to get a shorter line up later on we decided to have dinner at a Thai restaurant, by which the line was passing. I had tried Pat Thai (sp?) the other week and wanted to have it again. Paul had a huge plate of sizzling meat. Yum.
The line was even longer when we were ready to go.
Once inside I quickly spotted one of my paintings and then Paul found the other. I was really excited to see what people come up with when the only restriction is size. Amazing work.
Yesterday was spent sleeping, applying for the Certified Management Accounting program, yes back to school for me, correspondence for 7 months and lounging by the pool.
Today we finally left for our hike to find that the rain had just started. Unfortunately 30 minutes into our drive Paul started to feel sick and we had to turn around. Now on this rainy day, I think I am going to start a mixed media piece that has been circling inside my head for a while.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Postcards and being a Pro

Flower Postcards
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Ohhh on Sunday I gave myself a little present! I upgraded my Flickr to a PRo account!!!!!!!!!!!
I started to really miss the images that were hidden because I was over 200. I love flickr and I really love the community it creates around photos. So now I am a Pro!!!

After a few long weeks these lovelies arrived and are available in the shop. I have decided that this will be the last time I rely on old art for new work. From now on only new images and ideas.

Tomorrow night we are going downtown for my the shop unofficial art show , since I only have 2 paintings and there are a lot of other artists.

Monday, August 06, 2007

A day off and new work in the Shop

Yey for a day off!
I finally got to taking a photo and editing it and listing it of this ACEO. I had to use Paul's computer. The background is greener than it looks but close enough.
It lives here
I also did a little work on my website

technology and not always your friend

My photoshop refuses to open. It just starts up and closes before fully opening. I have unintalled it and reinstalled it, even from 'safemode' and still not working.
My printer no longer turns on, thus no scanner for me.