Friday, February 13, 2009

13 Things about me...

Well it’s supposed to be 15 things, but it is Friday the 13th so you only get 13…

1. I never take anything at face value. I have to know who, what, when and most importantly why. I have to know the reasons behind decisions and it all has to make sense ( for asking myself ‘does it make sense?’ all the time, I blame my boss)

2. I am in love with Valentines day. Always have been, even as a little girl when boys were the last thing I was interested in. Now, I believe in this one night when you can look into your partner’s eyes and celebrate your love. Everyday you may take each other for granted but on Vday you concentrate on each other and your love. This is my first single Valentines day in many years and it will still be special. Yes I am a hopeless romantic and always will be.

3. I am jumping out of a plane in late May or June.

4. I just calculated that I have 4 more years of full time work and school: 1.5 years to become a Certified Management Accountant and 2 years to get my part time MBA. But honestly by then I may decide to become Dr Iva and go after a PhD. My ambition will be the end of me one day.

5. I am not a morning person. I hate waking up early. I hate alarm clocks. I am at work at 7:30am every day and it is over half hour drive… this is a big contradiction, so you can imagine that I am not really awake until my regular 9:15am coffee

6. Growing up I was always afraid of animals, even small ones. I was even scared of Tiger when he was a kitten, but he was way too loveable and now we are inseparable. Rea was another story, as a puppy she was all teeth and nails but thanks to her now I am not as scared of dogs.

7. I only have 1 DVD in my ‘collection’. I never really want to watch a movie twice and have always lived with someone with many DVDs. Amy gave me “Sex and the City” season 3 this Christmas and this it sits lonely on my TV stand.

8. I used to worry about the future and always make sure that everything was planned out. I had the ‘perfect’ life all set out for me and was getting there. On my 24th birthday last year, I let go. I stopped planning and let life be, I have never been happier.

9. Iva is the name of the Weeping Willow tree in Bulgarian. My future company will probably be called that.

10. My love for the colour red is getting out of hand. Red hair, red handbag, red wallet and now a red blackberry. It makes me happy.

11. I am really good at hiding my real feelings.

12. I am told that I have beautiful eyes at least 5 times a day and out of those 5, 3 people ask me if I am wearing contacts. No I am not, my eyes do change colour depending on the light around me and the colours I am wearing. I love every single compliment and it always makes me smile.

13. I don’t have patience. I can never wait and always want everything NOW. If I want something I go after it and never wait for it to come to me. Once every few months I try to teach myself to wait and let things happen… it hasn’t worked yet. It is my biggest flaw, but at the same everything I have accomplished is because of it too.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tourist for the Day

An event I discovered last year in my little city of Toronto is Winterlicious . Great, out of my price range, restaurants have set menus for a lot lower price. Today I had lunch at the top of the CN tower, something that I really really wanted to do. Now this is not the famous spinning 360 restaurant, but the Horizons restaurant , still 100% worth it.
Just check out this view from our table:

Horizons Restaurant CN Tower

and the menu was pretty good for $15 and $10 to get up there
I started with Smoked Salmon Salad
Horizons Restaurant CN Tower
Followed by a Chicken Pot Pie

Horizons Restaurant CN Tower

and a Sour Cream Ice cream and Apple crumble

Horizons Restaurant CN Tower

and if you are up there you have to go on the glass floor of the CN tower and sit on it like all of the tourists :)

CN Tower Glass Floor

Actually most people are scared of the glass floor. It does feel a little weird at first but really nothing freaky about it. And really I am a tourist in my own city as I hardly ever visit the attractions. This is only the second time I have been up there.