Thursday, May 31, 2007

still here....

Hey all.
I am around at night and really working long hours. I am too tired after work to work on Etsy or art for now. Hopefully when I get more used to this schedule life will be a little easier. Cross fingers and toes. I am looking forward to the weekend and I get Monday off because it is my GRADUATION! yey

Sunday, May 27, 2007

"For just one Moment'

"For just one Moment'
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What do you think? I have fixed the arm a bit since this quick photo. The only thing that is not working for me and I don't know how to fix is the upper showder. Ideas?
Overall I think she is pretty much done. I am thinking of trying eBay first before I list it on Etsy. Comments, opinions, suggestions are most welcome

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Birdy ACEOs

I love these two new ACEOs. They are mide with mostly 'saved' materials and are super fun. This is the first time that I have inlcuded fiber in my work. They are living in My Shop! right now.

My new hair that is no more and lip balm

My new hair
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IT was really nice while it lasted. Well now that I have it washed, well it is a big short puffy mess on top of my head. I sadly discovered how short it was when I couldn't use my round brush to dry it. Well it just won't fit on my brush it is too short.
ahhhhhh There is nothing that I can do except be puffy while it gets a bit longer. My first work day will be a puffy day.

On happier note, my super awesome Lip Balms! are currently featured in two blogs
Here is what miss Lemonade has to say
and Miss
Aphadon just bought them and loves them. yey!
ps Please notice that I have learned how to edit a little HTML and have updated my links! and have a mini Etsy! and have a counter that is missing a year worth of views but it is there!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lets trade...

A little collage work I did late last night. I used mostly recycled materials to create these.
The birds are from a greeting card I received
Fibre from a material swap
and recycled cardstock from more old greeting cards

Perhaps I should say that the materials are saved!
The girl one is ink on 'saved' cardstock


all are available

Also skip over to my Shop! where you will find new ACEOs for sale as well as a listing for a custome stylized portriat

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Puppy in progress
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Here is an update from today's work. I tried using the grid but it was very frustrating so I gave up. It was useful to get the original sketch in but not for painting. I need more freedom when I paint.
Hopefully this painting will be done by tomorrow.
I have to go through my supplies again and organize. I am probably going to have another PaperPack in the shop ;) When we finally step on our feet financially I would love to get some kind of furniture that would be able to organize my piles and bins of supplies.
And I have to make another little set of recycled envelopes, they are popular.
I wonder how much attention I will be able to give to art once I start working.
The one job, offers to pay tuition up to $2,500 a year. This means part time MBA here I come. I probably can't get in this year but if I can still use that money than I wonder if I can put it towards the Continuing education courses I wanted to take in Fashion,,,hmmmm that would have nothing to do with Finance.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What a day...

Puppy sketch with grid
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It's already 5pm wow wow wow
well it doesn't help that I woke up at 11:30 am today.
Let me start with the best news.... I have found the big big job and they want me, yeyeyeyee You are reading the journal of an official Financial Analyst for a large multi national company
Actually I am waiting to hear from another company on Tuesday before I can say yes to the first one, but they want me and they are waiting. If I accept I will be starting on Thursday!!!!!!!!!! with a very very good salary and 100% benefits.

The picture on the side is of the new pet portrait that I am working on. Looks nothing like the cutest puppy that I am painting but it's just a start to get the lines ready and to show it the customer. [edit: I have now re-sketched it and this is the new version]
After close to 3 weeks of no sales. I had this pup and an order on Wednesday, the next day another order ....
Today after looking through my favorite sellers I found that one was 'destashing' some lovely papers and contacted her to trade. She agreed, I have to say that my Lip Balm is a great tool for trading. A little later someone else contacted me for a trade. This time for my destashing paper pack and of course Strawberry lip balm
Busy busy day. Also there is a customer interested in my Self Image prints, Only he wants it bigger and well I can't make it bigger because the original is small.

Amy, please give me a call early this week, I need to give you back your things from the craft show.

yey Happy Saturday!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

'Heart Vine' - sold

Heart vine
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Finally it SOLD. 500 views on etsy and it sold today at my first craft/art show. Yey. The lady even went and took out money for it.
I sold a few lip balms, my Tiger mirror, magnets. I found that my display needed signs in order for people to realize that I had the lip balm. In total, after the cost of the table, gas and feeding Paul, I probably made around $5 ;)
I did trade 3 lip balms for a great pair of earrings. Gave out a ton of cards and promos from other sellers. Now I am as red as this little painting, even though the sun only showed up a few times we both managed to get burned.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One lonely ACEO

In a Dream series
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Once upon a time there were two of these ACEOs. One was fortunate to find a new home and the other was relisted many times. Upon being featured a few times in treasuries and such, this heart ACEO is yet to find a home after 450 views. After the card expired the other day, I debated a while if I should relist it. I still believe that there is a home out there for this wonderful ACEO titled 'In a dream: Honesty"
Here is a Link to where it currently lives

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

cute little things...

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;)I made about 20 of these marble magnets this weekend. I made some for Valentines and when I had to mail them I discovered that they were way too thick and cost a fortune to sip. This is why I decided to make them for the craft show this weekend. No mailing involved. I also discovered that some of the marbles are a lot thinner and can be mailed. Needless to say there is a very cute set available in The shop
The rest of the shop is expiring at an alarming rate ;( and I really don't want to re-list most of the items. Yet I have been selling a few older items from time to time. For one I will wait until after the show and see what is left. Some things I might use myself like some of the note cards and other things I will re-list when I don't have anything new to list. Overall I wanted to scale down the shop, but I was hoping that it would be by selling a lot of the items. I have been stuck at 70 sales for the last week and a half. Etsy is my bread and butter right now and so far nothing much is happening.
The good news is that the new Biz cards arrived over a week ago and since I ordered another 500 while they were over 75% off. ( I can't believe I spent more on 250 the week before) and got a few freebies like Biz card magnets and a stamp to use on the back of my cards and I got that package today with an extra 500 cards. After a few failed attempts to stamp with it I figured that I need to apply pressure on the entire stamp.
I am also fighting a cold type thing that is taking my energy away and giving me headaches and dry throat grrrr

Sunday, May 06, 2007

"Self Reflection 2"

"Self Reflection' 2
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Today was an interesting day. We didn't sleep well last night. One we are both sick. Mad cold is racing through us. And two I am still thinking over the sadness of yesterday.
In my headachy state, I find that my best work comes from moments like this. My hand itched to get close to this canvas and here are the results.
"Self Reflection 2"
12x12 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

Both painting are hanging side by side now in what is turning to be my one wall gallery in my bedroom. Looking really well if I can say so myself. I knew that I wanted to have 3 of these paintings, but today seeing them the wall, I started thinking about how they will look in a gallery. If they were to go in a gallery they will need to fill a wall. Alone these 3 paintings will not be able to hold an entire wall and will also clash with my other work. An idea was born! 2 or 3 larger paintings in the same style but full body will complete this series. Nobody likes being sick but the best ideas come from times like this.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I was tagged

Ok, 7 Random things about me

1. I graduated with a Finance Degree
2. I drive an Echo
3. I love dark chocolate
4. I live with my boyfriend
5. I recently started to knit
6. I recently learned how to swim well
7. I drink a lot of water

I am going to break this and not tag anybody else. ;)

Something new and fun

Something new for you to say thank you with


Also perfect for little promos, business cards, ACEOs and ATCs
Completely recycled envelopes and little cards now having fun in The Shop

Thursday, May 03, 2007

'In Time for Spring' - new ACEO

'In time for spring' -ACEO
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Yey for new art work in The Shop .
I am really happy how this card turned out. I combined blue and coral and the combination is wonderful.

Thank you Amy for the wonderful afternoon. Looking through old yearbooks can really remind you of where you came from. Who I was five years ago and who I am today, seam like two different people.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life Update

40 Little envelopes
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I am slowly getting ready for the May 12th little show. I made these envelopes for all of my small items like mirrors, buttons etc. I have about 50 or more envelopes. Yes I do have high hopes.
Now I have to do some marble magnets and finish a few more pendant ideas. Oh yes and start making a lot of lip balm ;)

Job front - I received a rejection again. I don't know what I am doing that is so bad. I am still looking and looking

What else....hmmmm I have to get back to painting but I am lazy. For now I am letting the big painting cook in my head and not touching it for a while. I am thinking of doing the same painting but in palette knife, in order to keep it abstract. I want to see how that will turn out.