Saturday, June 28, 2008

Off to Europe - SALE

"Strength" earrings
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I am leaving for Europe in two weeks for two weeks ;)
and decided to have a little sale until then. 15% everything in my shop until July 10th!
(excluding custom items)

Please do come for a visit The Shop!

new "Strength" Earrings

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Big on Bloor" Festival

"Big On Bloor" festival
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My friend and I battled the elements on Saturday to do this Festival.
We had everything from rain, wind, sunshine to dark mean clouds.
We didn't get a lot of traffic and we were in the worse location but it was a good experience....

Sunday, June 08, 2008

10 more days...

'Joy' Earrings
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I can almost smell the freedom. Imagine that a few months without my Accounting textbook to keep me company every night and weekend.

Any spare minute that I have, I am trying to prepare for my craft show on the 27th. Yesterday I made earrings and created this new design, "Joy".
I only have enough to make only these, so they are One of a kind for the next little while. My goal is to create as much inventory as I can without buying new supplies. I do have them in pink too, but I will keep them for the craft show, if they don't sell I will list them.
They are very cute and fresh ;)

ok back to the book..........

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

a little disappointed....

Twice I have tried to buy a certain supply item from Etsy and twice I have met disappointing sellers.

The first time, the seller never mailed the item and is since deleted from Etsy for scamming others, not just me. Now I am out some hard earned moneys.

This week, again I tried to get the same item from someone else and was disappointed with the seller. Actually I first contacted the seller on May 25th

As a seller, I try to reply to all customers ASAP, sometimes it is not possible if I am away for a day or two, but generally I try my best to get back to them. I realize they want an answer fast and the item even faster.

As a customer, and I do buy a lot from Etsy, I want to be replied fast and be able to get my item as soon as possible.

I do have patience and know that not everyone is on line as much as I am. But please if someone contacts you for an item quantity that you do no have listed, you should know your inventory and reply. Not make me wait for you to find a lost stash and count it. If you say you have it and I ask, please list. Please list it, don't wait 2 or 3 days, given that I replied to you within minutes. Don't make me wait. I waited and waited, now I contacted the seller and backed out of the deal. I feel really bad about this, because if I say I am going to buy something I will. I was burned by another seller with bad communication and did not want to risk loosing money again.
I thanked her for her time, but as I need the item within two weeks, it is cutting close and I may not get them item. What is interesting that she replied to this convo within an hour.

Also, shipping to Canada from the US is not hard, and not scary. It is easy and cheap and as online seller you owe it to yourself to investigate. Don’t list outrageous prices to ship to Canada, because I have experience and know how much it will cost me. If I pay $6 for shipping and the sticker only says you paid $1.59, really do you think I will come back and shop from your store?

If you want customers to come back to you, reply to them and try your best to provide good customer service. It only takes minutes, but really it saves everyone time and money.
Now I have to buy the item I need, at a higher cost but at least I will know that I will have it in time......

Ok done with the rant, now back to the textbook ;)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A little extra time...

Pocket Mirrors...
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I managed to finish the studying I planned for today early and this is what I did.
These are my cute little pocket mirrors all dressed up in their own packages ready to come with me to a craft sale!

They are not in the Shop! , but if you really want one let me know ;)

ok I am to Paul's parents for real dinner