Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 Reading List

I am curious to see how many books I will read this year and decided to keep an on going list.

1. "The MacKade Brothers: Rafe and Jared" - Nora Roberts

2. "Holly Would Dream" - Karen Quinn
(the above and a whole bunch more on my shelves to be read were given to me by my sis who believes I should read more love stories)

3. "What French Woman know about Love, Sex and other matters of the Heart and Mind" - Debra Ollivier -This is a great exploration of the difference between North American women French women. A lot to be learned, but mainly not to take things too seriously.

4. "Eat, Prey, Love" - Elizabeth Gilbert
Just like the author I ate every single carb in sight while in Italy. I am currently in the search of peace and inner contempt. Fell in love with her description of Bali!
Also I know 'smile with my liver' when I center myself.

5. "He is Just not That into You" - Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo
Laughed all the way though the book. Lots of the mistakes I have made, lots of the mistakes I will never make again. The lesson is simple: if he is not making you fully happy he is not 'the one' and he is just not that into you! Move on!

Currently Reading:
"Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

Any suggestions of what should be on my To Read shelf???

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